Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Preventative Maintenance is so important to the care of your air conditioning and heating equipment. Failure to perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system can results in numerous problems including excessive stress on its components that eventually leads to decreased performance and costly repairs. To increase the longevity of your equipment/investment you should keep filters changed, have routine maintenance and repairs as needed and recommended.

We take the worry and hassle out of remembering to schedule your biannual performance maintenance by scheduling it for you. We will perform seasonally specific maintenance of your system twice per year (Spring & Fall), which we normally schedule during non-peak preseason times. We will call you one to two weeks prior to your service being due to schedule a convenient time. 

Preventative Maintenance

1.    Lubricate moving parts (non-sealed) as needed.

2.    Clean condenser coil

3.    Inspect evaporator coil

4.    Check electrical components for tightness

5.    Check for oil & refrigerant leaks

6.     Monitor refrigerant level-additional refrigerant will be invoiced separately

7.    Check and clear condensate drain by flushing

8.    Install algaecide tablets in evaporator pans to prevent build up

9.    Test electrical controls for proper operation

10.  Check coil temperature for maximum efficiency

11.  Economizer & dampers inspected and lubricated, filters cleaned.

12.  Inspect duct work at the unit

13.  Check burners, carbon monoxide, gas pressures, exhaust,  inspect heat exchangers and clean combustion blowers (Fall-Furnace) or check defrost


1.    Fewer repairs

2.    Lower utility bills

3.    Peace of mind

4.    Extended Equipment Life

5.    Improved Equipment Capacity

6.    Peak Performance

7.    Early detection of problems

8.    Carefree/hassle free scheduling. We call you to schedule.


**Sign a preventative maintenance agreement today to take advantage of our emergency priority.


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